One stand. Holds every type of bike. Solid. Easy. No nonsense.

One great stand for 7 good reasons.

1. Holds any bike on its front or rear fork.

2. Protects your bike’s derailleurs or disc brakes.

3. Keeps your bike neatly in an upright position.

4. Prevents your bike from falling into other vehicles.

5. Can be used for all wheel sizes.

6. Avoids a tangled mess of bikes in your garage.

7. Build durable in sturdy and solid quality.


Are you the BikeClip type?

You want to beat nature. Alone, or with your friends. Going off road. Climb steep hills. Concur rugged trails. And park your bike in style.                    So you can easily clean it. And keep it in optimal condition. 

 You are a bike believer. You transport your kids, groceries, shopping bags and even your dog… on your bike. You depend on your two-wheeler.           And that’s why you want to stall it, solid.  

You are a garage warrior. No messy heap of rubbish in your storage. The tools are in the toolkit, the garbage is stored in separate bins.                   And the bikes are neatly stalled in an upright position. Safe and solid, in a clip you can rely on.

We stand for bikes